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Understand and model complex dice-rolling outcomes.

The Dicegraph Probabaillity Engine is a statistical modeling tool for complex dice rolling sets. Looking beyond averages of statistical outcomes, Dicegraph lets you understand exactly how likely any given outcome is, and allows you to determine just how likely your desired outcome might be. Sure, it could happen — but will it?

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What it is

Dicegraph is a tool for putting complicated statistical probability analysis into a simple and intuitive user experience. For use with tabletop games which rely on a series of dice rolls to determine outcomes, Dicegraph allows you to understand and access the statistical models behind the game system – allowing for nuanced and informed decision making.

Who is this for?

The Player:

Understand the game you play better – make better choices and see better results. Make a plan and understand the risks you take.

The Dungeon Master:

You know you're players better than anyone, and you know the story you want to tell. Now you can know if the encounters you're developing are too easy, or just on the edge of possible. Make them work for it this time.

The Designer:

You want to create a game system that's balanced, fair, and interesting. Game systems based around nested sets of statistical probability provide the greatest range of possibility an outcomes, but become hard to model in meaningful ways. Understanding the precise models to help you expand your system without breaking it.

One Price: USD$3/month

Dicegraph is free to use for modeling rolling outcomes. A paid subscription to Dicegraph allows you to save, search, and share your statistical models.

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