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Know your roll with Dicegraph.

Visualize dice roll outcomes, plan accordingly, and game on.

The Dicegraph Probability Engine (or Dicegraph for short) is a statistical modeling tool—which is a fancy way of saying it’s a tool that shows you the likelihood of every possible outcome when you roll a set of dice.

Way beyond statistical averages, Dicegraph shows you exactly how likely any given outcome is, and empowers you to make smarter, better-informed decisions in your gaming.

How does it work? Choose your role to learn more.

Tabletop wargaming is the birthplace of Dicegraph, and we built this tool to help you optimize your strategies before your units ever hit the battlefield. Here’s an example:

With Dicegraph, you select how many dice you’re rolling, how many sides those dice have, and any rules needed to calculate success or failure. This gives you a clear visual of the likely outcomes, and lets you model more complex rolls made in sequence. But we’ll get to that later.

For now: Your 10 infantry have 10 laser shots, which hit on a d6 roll of 4+.

We can see that the likeliest outcome is 5 successful hits. Just this knowledge can help you make decisions about equipment, opponents, or even types of units in your army. But let’s dig deeper.

Your opponent’s space orks are wounded by lasers on a d6 roll of 5+. So we take the likelihood of success for every shot, then calculate the likelihood of those shots wounding, which looks something like this:

Our odds are getting narrower. Orks aren’t heavily armored, but say they have a chance to save against a wound on a d6 roll of 6.

This shows us that the most likely outcome is one dead ork (36.16%), and there's only a 15.18% chance of taking out 3 or more. Not the greatest odds, but a wealth of information to help you equip yourself for success and make smarter decisions on the field.

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What’s all this goodness cost?

Dicegraph is free to use for modeling rolling outcomes. To save, search, and share your statistical models, though, we ask for a modest $3/month.

Try Dicegraph free